A Message and Invitation from Rev. Jenny Phillips

Apr 06, 2020

We are living at the intersection of pandemic grief and resurrection hope. This is a time when United Methodist Creation Care leaders can provide much needed support to the whole church. God’s creation is an important source of spiritual grounding in challenging times, and this community is uniquely equipped to lead their churches through this wilderness with wisdom from God’s word and God’s world. You know what it means to cultivate fortitude in the face of a global crisis. In this Earth Month, I encourage you to shine compassion and hope, drawing on the wisdom and strength you have cultivated through your creation care work. And I encourage you to invite other United Methodists to join us on the Creation Care Network and to participate in a variety of online events. May these activities renew you in the weeks to come.







The Global Ministries Creation Care Network invites United Methodists to honor the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by participating in events and activities hosted on the platform! All month long, Global Ministries is organizing opportunities to help our community ground themselves in creation, build relationships, and share uplifting inspiration with one another.


Check out all the opportunities to engage:


Resurrection Photo Challenge

Starting on Monday, April 13, we invite users to share photos that represent signs of new life in God’s creation. Post these photos to the Live Feed and include a comment about why you chose them. Let us share and find solidarity in our collective interpretation of resurrection in the natural world. 


Energy Boost Events

Global Ministries will be hosting 30-minute online events on April 22 and April 24 that ignite quick, one-on-one chats with creation care champions. Attend our Energy Boost for a jolt of friendship, laughter, and connection in your day. Links to access the Energy Boost will be posted on the Creation Care Network event.


“Grief, COVID and Climate” Webinar

Join Rev. Jenny Phillips, Senior Technical Advisor for Environmental Sustainability at Global Ministries, on April 29 at 2pm EDT for a presentation and discussion around the intersection of grief, COVID and the climate. The webinar will be hosted on Zoom and login details will be posted on the Creation Care Network event.


Invite a Friend

Please invite a friend to become a user on the platform! Once they join, introduce your friend in the Live Feed, and tell us how you know them and why they were invited. We encourage you to also post a photo, but it is not mandatory. We would love to “meet” our expanding community and get to know everyone. There’s not a better time to connect and build (virtual) relationships!


Stay tuned all month on the Global Ministries Creation Care Network for updates and opportunities to engage. We look forward to the moments of connection, inspiration, and fellowship that we will create together in the coming weeks. 




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